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How do I delete a user?

Removing a provider from your business account

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On occasion, you may need to remove a user account from your account. You can accomplish this on the Users settings page.

If you delete all users but one, your account will automatically move back to the single user subscription plan the next time your subscription renews.

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  • Note on appointment information when deleting a user

  • Deleting a user

Note on appointment information when deleting a user

Deleting a user does not delete the clients they've worked with or the appointments they've had. You will still be able to see those appointments listed in the client history on their record.

The appointments will also be included in a past appointment report. When running a report, you'll still be able to filter by the deleted user's name.ย 

However, if you click on an appointment with a deleted user in the client history or in the appointment report, you won't be able to view those appointments on a calendar as the calendar will be gone. If you export the appointment report to a file, it will include all information about the deleted user's appointments.

Deleting a user

(1) Go to Settings > Users

(2) Locate the user you want to delete on the list of user accounts

(3) Click Edit next to the user account

(4) On the user details page, scroll down to the bottom of the page

(5) Click the Delete User link on the bottom left

(6) In the Delete User dialog, click Confirm to remove the user account

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