If you need to block out a period of time on a single day when you are unavailable to offer services, you can set a "personal" appointment.

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  • Setting a personal appointment
  • What you'll see
  • Recurring / repeating unavailability

Setting a personal appointment

(1) Double tap on the date & time block on the calendar

(2) Select Personal for the type of appointment to create

(3) Select the duration

(4)(optional) Enter a title or reason for your unavailability in the Notes section (e.g., "Doctor's appointment" or "Break")

(5) Tap Save

What you'll see

Personal appointments appear in red on your calendar.

Recurring / repeating unavailability

Learn more about setting repeating personal appointments through the mobile app for breaks, lunches, to split your work days, or to take long-term time off like vacations/holidays or leaves of absence here.

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