In Schedulista, custom fields allow you to customize the booking form in your online scheduler. With various field types, you can provide information or ask clients for a variety of information necessary for their appointment.

Custom notices, in particular, are a way to let clients know more about your business, service(s), or scheduling or payment policies as they book.

Benefits of custom notices

  • The format of the custom notice provides a bold header and a text field to create a section on the booking form similar to the Cancellation Policy section
  • You can add links to direct clients to information or for clients to download or upload forms or files
  • Stylize text to draw clients to important notifications

Notes on links and stylizing text

You can use limited HTML markup to add links or style the text in the custom notice.

When you paste a URL (ex. into the notice body field and save, it will automatically convert to a link on the scheduler. You can also use the HTML anchor tags (<a>) to hyperlink words. (e.g., <a href="">Click here</a> = Click here)

To style your text, the following markup is available: Bold (<b>), Strong Importance (<strong>), Italicize (<i>), Emphasize (<em>), Underline (<u>), Strikethrough (<s>)

Note: Schedulista does not host any images, documents, or files to 
download. Schedulista also does not have storage for clients to upload
files while booking. You can include links from other websites or cloud
storage services to download or upload.

Creating a custom notice

(1) Go to Settings > Custom Fields

(2) Click Add Custom Field

(3) On the field details page, select Notice from the Type drop-down menu

(4) Enter a Title for the notice

Note: This title will appear in bold above the text of the notice.

(5) In the Body field, enter the text of the notice

(6a) In the Services section, select to apply the custom field to All services; or

(6b) Select to apply the custom field to Select services.

You will be able to choose which service(s) to apply the custom field to from the menu.

(7) Click Save

Ordering or re-ordering your custom fields or notices

On your Custom Fields settings page, you can order or re-order how your custom fields and notices will appear on the details form in the scheduler. 

What clients will see

The custom notices will appear below the client contact fields on the details form in the scheduler.  If you take payments or capture credit card details while scheduling, the custom fields and notices will appear below those fields as well.

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