You are able to sync the calendar on your iPhone or iPad with your Schedulista calendar by subscribing to it using an iCalendar (iCal) feed.

Sharing your calendar with iPhone or iPad

(1) Activate your iCal feed or make sure it is active

(2) Start your Settings app or search and select "Settings"

(3) Select Mail, Contacts, Calendars

(4) Choose "Add Account" from the Accounts section

(5) Select "Other" from the list of account types

(6) Select "Add Subscribed Calendar" from the Calendars (or Other) section

(7) Enter your Schedulista iCal feed into the Server field

Note: You can enable your iCal feed and get the feed web address (ends in .ics) by following the steps here.

The feed name should populate into the Description field, as well. You do not need to enter a username or password or select to use SSL.

(8) Tap Next

(9) Tap Save

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