Captured credit cards are securely stored with Stripe. You'll need to open the client's customer record in your Stripe account dashboard to charge their captured card for services, cancellation fees, or no-show fees.

Charging a captured card

You can access your client's customer record in Stripe through an "outside link" in the full details of their Schedulista client record.

(1a) On the Clients tab, click the edit button next to the client record to bring up the full details; or

(1b) Open the client's appointment on your Calendar, and click the edit button next to the client's information for their full details   

(2) In the Edit Client dialog, click on the view link next to the credit card on file to be redirected to the Stripe customer record

Note: if you are not logged into your Stripe account, it will prompt you to log in. Once logged in, click the "view" link in Schedulista one more time to open up to the client's customer record in Stripe.

(3) On the Stripe customer record, scroll down to the Payments section and click the + Create payment button

(4) In the Create a new payment dialog, enter the Amount for your service

(5) Enter a Description of the service being purchased

Our typical format is "[client name] scheduled a [service name]." (ex. Felix Livni scheduled a Swedish Massage.)

(6) Confirm the last four digits of the card you are charging by opening the Source menu

(7) Click the Charge customer button to process the payment

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