Outlook.com is Microsoft's web-based email and calendar service. It replaced Hotmail and Live.com.

Once you've turned on your Schedulista calendar's iCal feed, here's how to subscribe to your calendar using Outlook.com.

Note: The sync is a one-way synchronization. Schedulista appointments will appear on your Outlook.com calendar but appointments set with Outlook.com will not appear or block out time on your Schedulista calendar.

Subscribing on Outlook.com

(1) Go to Outlook.com and sign into your account

(2) Go to Calendar

(3) Click "Import" on the top bar

(4) Click "Subscribe" on the lefthand side

(5) In the Calendar URL field, type or paste the iCalendar feed from Schedulista

(6) Enter a name for the calendar in the Calendar name field

(7) Choose a color for your calendar and an optional charm icon

(8) Click "Subscribe"

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