For the Schedulista app on Wix, subscription billing is typically done through Wix.

If you need to move from Wix billing to Schedulista direct billing, you can make the change in four steps: (1) Cancel, (2) Disconnect (optional), (3) Convert, (4) Resubscribe.

Step 1 - Cancel your Schedulista subscription in Wix

(1) Sign in to your Wix account

(2) Hover over the user token in the upper right for your account menu

(3) Select Billing & Payments

(4) Scroll through the list of subscriptions to locate your Schedulista app subscription

(5) Click the App Actions button next to the listing

(6) From the options, select Cancel App

(7) On the App Renewal Payments dialog, select Cancel auto renew

(8) Click Submit

Step 2 - Disconnect your account (optional)

This step is optional. If you would like to move your account off of the Wix platform entirely, you will want to disconnect your account. If you just want to switch billing and leave your website as is, then you should skip this step.

(1) Edit your Wix site

(2) Doubleclick on the embedded scheduler to bring up the Settings menu

(3) Click the Disconnect account link to separate your Schedulista account from your Wix account

Step 3 - Convert from Wix billing to Schedulista billing

(1) Sign in to Schedulista

(2) Go to Settings > Users

(3) Click Add User

(4) A notice should appear stating Wix billing does not support multi-user. It will ask you to switch to Schedulista billing. Click OK.

Note: You are not required to add an additional user once you've switched billing systems. 

Step 4 - Resubscribe to Schedulista

(1) Go to Settings > Your Schedulista Subscription

(2) Fill in your billing information

(3) Click Save

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