If you have a Wix site for your business and then create a new one, you can move your Schedulista account from your first site to the new site in four steps: (1) Cancel, (2) Remove, (3) Add, (4) Resubscribe

Step 1 - Cancel your Schedulista subscription on your first Wix site

In Wix, app upgrades are valid on one site only. You are not able to transfer an upgraded app from one site to another. You will have to cancel your Schedulista subscription, then subscribe again on your new site.

Note: To avoid this going forward, you might consider switching from Wix billing to Schedulista direct billing.

(1) Sign in to your Wix account

(2) Hover over the user token in the upper right for your account menu

(3) Select Billing & Payments

(4) Scroll through the list of subscriptions to locate your Schedulista app subscription. This will be listed as Book Appointments Online by Schedulista.

(5a) Click the App Actions button; or

(5b) Click the ... (More) button

(6) Select Cancel App from the menu

(7) On the App Renewal Payments dialog, select Cancel auto renew

(8) Click Submit

Step 2 - Remove Schedulista from your first Wix site

(1) Edit your Wix site

(2) Double-click on the embedded scheduler for the Settings menu

(3) Click the Disconnect account link

(4) (optional) Close the Settings menu, then right-click on the scheduler and select Delete to remove the app from your site

Step 3 - Add Schedulista to your new Wix site

Now that you have disconnected your Schedulista account from your first site, you can add it to the new site.

(1) Log into the Wix account of your new site and edit your site

(2) From the Pages menu, select the page on your site you would like to add the embedded scheduler

(3) Click on the Add Apps button on the left menu to go to the App Market

(4) Search for the Book Appointments Online by Schedulista app

Best search terms: Schedulista, booking, scheduling

(5) Click Add to Site

(6) In the new app dialog, click Add App

This will place the embedded scheduler on your page. You can move the scheduler around to your preferred location.

Note: The scheduler will be a demonstration version with the following header image.

(6) Doubleclick the embedded scheduler on your page for the Settings menu

(7) Click the Connect account link

Step 4 - Resubscribe to Schedulista

With your Schedulista account now connected to your new Wix site account, now you can upgrade your app again.

(1) Right-click on the embedded scheduler to bring up the options menu

(2) Select Upgrade from the menu

(3) In the new pop-up dialog, click the Upgrade Now button

(4) Follow the on-screen steps to set up billing and complete your subscription

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