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Moving your Schedulista account from one Weebly site to another
Moving your Schedulista account from one Weebly site to another

Move your scheduler from an existing Weebly site to a new one

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For Weebly users, you can add Schedulista to your website with ease using the Schedulista app, a pre-built element available through the App Center in your Weebly site editor.

In Weebly, an app can only be connected to a single website at one time. If you need, you can move your scheduler from one site to another in two steps: (1) Remove and (2) Add.

Step 1 - Removing the Schedulista app

Removing the Schedulista app from a Weebly site will disconnect your account from the site, freeing it up to be connected to the app on another site.

(1) Sign into your Weebly account and edit your site

(2) Click on Settings in the top navigation bar

(3) Select My Apps from the menu on the left

(4) Locate Schedulista on the Installed Apps list and click the More (...) button

(5) Click on Remove App from the menu

(6) In the Remove App dialog, click Yes, remove

(7) When prompted after the app has been successfully removed, click Reload

Step 2 - Add to your new site

Now that the app is removed from your first site, disconnecting your account, you can add Schedulista to your new site through the App Center.

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