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How do I select the currency for my business?
How do I select the currency for my business?

Choosing the currency your clients pay in

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The currency that prices for your services are set in is determined by the country you select in your Business Details settings.

For example, if you select the United Kingdom as the country for your business, clients will see prices and be charged in British Pound (GBP; £).  If you select Japan as your country, the currency will be in Yen (JPY;  ‎¥)

Note: The default currency in Schedulista is the U.S. Dollar (USD; $).

Selecting your currency (country)

(1) Go to Settings > Business Details

(2) Select your Country from the drop-down menu

(3) Click Save

Though you can set prices for any country, not every country is supported to take payments. You can check if Stripe supports your country here.

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