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Beta Testing the latest version of Schedulista (Android)
Beta Testing the latest version of Schedulista (Android)
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Thanks for helping out with our Schedulista mobile app beta testing!

Below are instructions on how to join the test group and how to install the newest beta version of the app for Android.

If you need to leave the test group, you'll always be able to switch back to the official released version of the app.

Beta community

(Optional) Check us out at our Schedulista Mobile Beta Google group to offer feedback and connect with others in the test group.

Join the test group & download the latest beta version

(1) Click or tap this link below to join the beta test group:

(2) A Schedulista Google Play page will open up in the default internet browser on your phone (see below)

(3) Tap the Become a Tester button

An approval message welcoming you to the test group will follow.

(4) Tap the download it on Google Play link

(5) On the app page, tap the Install button

If you already have a version of the mobile app installed, tap the Update button

The beta app is now installed and ready to use!

Checking your app version

After starting and signing into the mobile app, you can always check the current version you are using on the Settings tab. Under the Account Details section on the Settings page, you'll see the App Version listed.

To switch back to the public Android version

You must leave the test program and remove the beta version of the app from your Android phone or device. That will allow you to reinstall the most recent publicly available version of the app from the Google Play Store.

(1) Go to the Schedulista app page in the Google Play Store

(2) Scroll down to the You're a beta tester section

(3) Tap Leave

(4) Tap Leave (or Leave the Program) again

(5) Tap Uninstall

(6) Once the app is uninstalled, restart your phone

Restarting the phone refreshes the active memory and helps with cleaner installs.

(7) Once the phone has restarted, open the Google Play Store app

(8) Go to the Schedulista app page

(9) Tap Install for the public Android version of the app

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