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Beta Testing the latest version of Schedulista (iPhone)
Beta Testing the latest version of Schedulista (iPhone)
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Thanks for helping out with our Schedulista mobile app beta testing!

Below are instructions on how to join the test group and how to install the newest beta version of the app for iPhone.

If you need to leave the test group, you'll always be able to switch back to the official released version of the app.

Beta community

(Optional) Check us out at our Schedulista Mobile Beta Google group to offer feedback and connect with others in the test group.

Join the beta

Two simple steps. If you've joined previously, just install TestFlight.

(1) Click this link below to become a beta tester on iOS:

(2) Install TestFlight on the iOS device that you’ll use for testing.

Open the invitation email and install

By joining, you'll receive an invitation email from Apple's TestFlight service to install the newest beta version of the app.

Note: It can take up to 24-hours for this email to arrive after
you've been added to the beta list.

(1) Open the TestFlight email

(If you didn't receive this email, let us know by emailing

(2) Click the Start Testing button in the email

(3) On the page that opens, click on the TestFlight from the App Store link

(4) Open TestFlight and choose Redeem  

(5) Enter the unique code

(6) On the notice from Apple, click Install

Note: Don't worry, none of your Schedulista settings or
client or appointment data will be deleted.

The app is now installed and ready to use! 

Checking your app version

After starting and signing into the mobile app, you can always check the current version you are using on the Settings tab. Under the Account Details section on the Settings page, you'll see the App Version listed.

To switch back to the old iPhone app

Please do not delete the beta version of the app from your phone. You can replace it with the most recent publicly available app version by following these instructions. 

(1) Open the App Store app on your iPhone

(2) Search for "Schedulista"

(3) On the Schedulista app page, click the download icon 

The beta version of the iPhone app will now be replaced with the older version.

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