The Schedulista mobile app for iPhone and Android is a companion to your account to help manage your business and availability on the go. Schedulista supports a regular weekly work schedule, but you are also able to take a day off with Flex time daily overrides. 

Taking a day off

If you have a regular weekly work schedule, this won't affect your regular schedule. You can also use this to set work hours on a daily basis if you don't have regular schedule.

(1) Go to the specific day you have off that you want to make available

(2) Tap on the Calendar Settings icon in the upper left (on iPhone) or the upper right next to the Add Appointment plus (+) sign (on Android)

(2) On the Calendar Settings page, tap on the "Work hours for..." section at the bottom of the page.  

(3) Tap the Open toggle to turn off hours for the day

(4) Tap Save

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