Using the Schedulista app in Weebly, you can only connect your account to one Weebly site. You can add your scheduler to additional Weebly sites by embedding the scheduler through HTML code.

Note: You can embed the scheduler in as many sites as you like, but note that the list of services will be the same across all sites.

Adding Schedulista to multiple Weebly sites

(1) Sign into one of your additional Weebly sites and edit your site

(2) Locate the Embed Code element on the toolbar on the left

(3) Click and drag the Embed Code element onto the page of your site

(4) Click on the Embed Code field ("Click to set custom HTML") and the Custom HTML menu appears

(5) In Schedulista, go to the Add to your website settings page

(6) Copy the HTML code in the Embed your scheduler in a website (as a widget) section to your clipboard

(7) Back on your Weebly site, paste the scheduler code into the highlighted Embed Code field

The scheduler should now appear on your additional Weebly site.

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