If you run a Groupon, Living Social, or other daily deal type of offer, you might want to set up Schedulista to collect voucher numbers or coupon redemption codes and generate a report for the deal.

Setting up a service as a Daily Deal will require clients to enter a number or code when scheduling an appointment.

Note: You can only set up a service as a Daily Deal when it is being created. Once set, a Daily Deal cannot be altered.  

Setting up a Daily Deal

(1) Go to the Settings tab

(2) Click on Services

(3) Click "Add Service" to create a new service

(4) Enter your service information (name, price, duration, description, etc.)

(5) Scroll down to the Daily Deal section

(6) Click the "No" button to change it to "Yes"

(7) Select the type of deal from the drop-down menu: Groupon or Other

(8) Enter a Deal name

Note: The deal name is used in reporting. See the Reports section below. 

(9) Under Providers Offering Service, check the box of which provider(s) are offering the Daily Deal

(10) Click "Save" at the bottom of the page

What the client sees

The client will be required to enter a coupon redemption code when scheduling a service.

Verifying the redemption code

When you click and open a Daily Deal service appointment on your Calendar, you will see a the coupon redemption code listed.


You can find the Daily Deal Report on the Home page.

The Daily Deal Report lists all of the coupon redemptions, grouped by the different deals you've offered.

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