For the Schedulista app on Wix, subscription billing is typically done through Wix.

If you try updating or canceling your subscription through your Schedulista dashboard, you will encounter this message:

You will need to cancel your subscription through the billing section in your Wix account.

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  • Cancelling your Schedulista subscription in Wix
  • Billing support through Wix

Cancelling your Schedulista subscription in Wix

For Wix users with a multi-provider account, your billing is handled directly by Schedulista.  You can read more on how to cancel through Schedulista here.

(1) Sign in to your Wix account

(2) Hover over the user token in the upper right for your account menu

(3) Select Billing & Payments

(4) Scroll through the list of subscriptions to locate your Schedulista app subscription. This will be listed as Book Appointments Online by Schedulista.

(5a) Click the App Actions button; or

(5b) Click the ... (More) button

(6) Select Cancel App from the menu

(7) On the App Renewal Payments dialog, select Cancel auto renew

(8) Click Submit

Billing support through Wix

As Schedulista does not handle this billing, any questions about your subscription payments, including credits or refunds, must be addressed to Wix Billing.  You can contact them at

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