You can import clients into Schedulista using a list in CSV (comma separated values) file format. You can also export your client list to a CSV file to use with other software.

Importing a client CSV file into Schedulista

(1) Click the Clients tab

(2) Click the gear icon in the upper right of the page

(3) Select Import file from the menu

(4) Click "Browse" and select the CSV file of your clients from your computer

Note: While scanning your file to upload, Schedulista will identify the numbers of new clients and existing clients in the file.

(5) Click "Next" to complete the import

Need to acquire a CSV file of your clients?

Most software that exports client info, such as Gmail, Yahoo, Outlook, etc., will allow you to export your clients to a CSV file.

You can also create a client list in Excel or in a Google spreadsheet and then save it to your computer in CSV format.

Some software companies arrange their CSV files differently. Whether you export a CSV file or create your own, you will need to make sure the headers (column names) look like the example below.

Schedulista accepts the following client attributes: first name, last name, email, & phone 

Note: Only first name is required.

Exporting your client list to CSV file

The fields/columns provided in the export are: first name, last name, email, phone, last appointment (date & time), next appointment (date & time), total appointment count, services the client has scheduled, and your client notes.

(1) Click the Clients tab

(2) Click the gear icon in the upper right of the page

(3) Select Export clients to file from the menu

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