Each user account has an access level that determines how much of Schedulista's features that user has access to. There are three access levels:

  • Admin - Admin level access gives the user full access to all settings, other users' calendars and the client list. When you create a Schedulista account, the user account that is created is set to "admin" by default.
  • Scheduler - This level of access allows the user to view all user calendars but they do not have access to the "Settings" tab. This access level would be ideal for a receptionist.
  • Provider - Provider level access limits a user to their own calendar. They will not be able to see other users' calendars nor have access to the "Settings" or "Clients" tab.

Contents in this article:

  • Setting access levels
  • Turning off a calendar

Setting access levels

(1) Go to Settings > Users

(2a) Click Edit next to an existing service to update; or

(2b) Click Add Service to create a new service

(3) Scroll down to the User Account section

(4) For Access level, select the level from the drop-down menu

(5) Make sure to click Save at the bottom of the page when done with any and all changes

Turning off a calendar

For the Admin and Scheduler levels of access, if the user is not also going to provide services for your clients, you can disable their individual calendar. They will still have access to other users' calendars.

(1) Go to Settings > Users

(2a) Click Edit next to an existing user; orĀ 

(2b) Click Add User to add a new user account

(3) Scroll down to the Calendar section

(4) Click the green Yes button to change it to No

(5) Click Save at the bottom of the page

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