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Disabling follow-up emails

Pausing or stopping emails from being sent after appointments through Schedulista

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Schedulista offers automated follow-up emails that can be sent after an appointment has been completed to thank clients for using your services, encourage them to book their next appointment, provide after appointment information, or link them to resources or sites to leave reviews.

You may need to disable follow-up emails to temporarily pause them from being sent or to permanently stop them from being sent.

General, alternate, or service-specific follow-up emails are sent the morning following their specified appointments. Disabling follow-up emails will immediate stop all follow-up emails from being sent to any further clients.

The follow-up emails set will not be deleted. They will be stored and can be used again in the future, if needed. You can remove emails to permanently delete them.

(1) Go to Settings > Follow-up Emails

(2) Click the green Yes button to change it to No

(3) Click Save

The follow-up emails can be restored by clicking the No button and changing it to Yes to enable them again.

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