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How do I adjust when appointment reminders are sent to clients?
How do I adjust when appointment reminders are sent to clients?

Adjusting your client communication timeframe

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Schedulista sends an automatic appointment reminder email to clients for each appointment scheduled through the online scheduler or directly on your calendar.

The default for this reminder is 48 hours before the client's appointment.  You can adjust this to be sent between 24 hours up to 7 days before the appointment.

Note: For appointments set directly on your calendar, make sure to include the client's email address in their client record or they will not be sent their appointment confirmation or reminder email.

Adjusting when reminders are sent

(1) Go to Settings > Communications

(2) Scroll down to the Appointment Reminders section

(3) Click the No button next to "Override when reminder emails / text messages are sent" to change it to Yes

(4) From the drop-down menu, select how far in advance of an appointment you'd like reminders to be sent

(5) Click Save at the bottom of the page

Text (SMS) reminders

If the client opts to receive text (SMS) reminders, two reminders will be sent.  The first will be sent at the same time as the reminder email based on your settings.  The second will be sent the same day as the appointment as a "last minute" reminder.

The client can choose while scheduling to receive their last minute text reminder 1, 2, or 3 hours prior to their appointment.

Cancellation policy

By default, appointment reminders are sent 24 hours before the last time a client can cancel their appointment online based on your cancellation policy.

For example, if your cancellation policy is 24 hours before the appointment, reminders are sent 48 hours before the appointment.  If your policy is 3 days, reminders are sent 4 days before the appointment, etc.

Note: If your cancellation policy is less than 24 hours, reminders will be sent 24 hours before the appointment.

By setting your own time to send reminders, you override the trigger set by your cancellation policy.

When reminders are not sent

If a client schedules an appointment for less than the time you've set to send a reminder, they will not be sent a reminder.  They will only be sent their appointment confirmation.

(e.g., If reminders are sent 48 hours before an appointment, but the client schedules an appointment for the next day, a reminder will not be sent.)

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