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Managing Schedulista for your Weebly site
Managing Schedulista for your Weebly site

To view your calendar and make changes to your account

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Managing your Schedulista account for your Weebly website can be done quickly and easily through your Weebly account or directly through Schedulista.

Contents of this article:

  • Managing Schedulista through Weebly

  • Managing Schedulista directly

Managing Schedulista through Weebly

To maintain or make changes to your Schedulista account through Weebly, you can access your account through your site editor or through your Weebly dashboard.

Through site editor

When you edit your Weebly site, navigate to the page on your site where you've placed your Schedulista scheduler. Click on the scheduler to bring up the settings menu. Click Manage to access your Schedulista account dashboard.

Through Weebly dashboard

On your Weebly site dashboard, a Schedulista app card will display upcoming appointments for the day. You can access your Schedulista calendar and account dashboard by clicking the All Appointments section or the Schedulista title at the top of the app card.

You can also set a new appointment directly on your Schedulista calendar by clicking on Add Appointment.

Managing Schedulista directly

You can also maintain or make changes to your Schedulista account directly at Click Login at the top right of the page to sign into your account.

Also, you can download and install the Schedulista mobile app for iPhone or Android phone. You'll be able to view and manage your calendar, set your availability, and manage your clients all on the go.
Search for "Schedulista" in the App Store or the Google Play Store.

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