When switching from vCita Scheduler Pro to Schedulista on your Weebly website, you'll need to remove the vCita app or it will continue to show as a series of round icons on the right side of your site.

Unlike other apps visible in your Weebly editor, Scheduler Pro is installed in the background as part of vCita's LiveSite widget. It can only be seen on your published site, so it is easy to overlook while editing.

Removing the vCita app

(1) Sign into your Weebly account and edit your site

(2) Click on Settings in the top navigation bar

(3) Select My Apps from the menu on the left

(4) Locate Scheduler Pro and click the More (...) button

(5) Click on Remove App from the menu

(6) In the Remove App dialog, click "Yes, remove"

(7) When prompted after the app has been successfully removed, click "Reload"

Now, you can add Schedulista to your site through the App Center.

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