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Colors and fonts in the scheduler

Basics about the design elements of the scheduler widget

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The scheduler widget is a component that can be embedded directly on a page of a website. You are able to fine-tune the look of the widget to more closely match your website and seamlessly blend with your branding.

There are two ways to customize the widget: Design inheritance and choosing your own font and colors.

You can learn more about the widget here. And you can view instructions on how to embed the widget on a website here.

Contents in this article:

  • Design inheritance

  • Choosing your own font and colors

Design inheritance

Design inheritance allows your scheduler widget to automatically match the design of your website when you embed the widget. Inheritance is the default for the widget.

Schedulista will choose from over 15,000 available fonts to match the main font (or any defined alternatives) used by your website. It will also inherit the colors used for text and links on your website.

You can read more on design inheritance here.

Choosing your own font and colors

You are able to manually adjust the various colors of your scheduler widget, as well as select a specific font from the over 15,000 available fonts.

You can read more on choosing your own font and colors here.

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