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What does the number in the yellow circle above Home mean?
What does the number in the yellow circle above Home mean?

Getting familiar with Schedulista by setting test appointments

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As you are setting up your Schedulista account, you may notice a number in a yellow circle above the Home tab at the top of your dashboard.  This number indicates the remaining test appointments you have left to make on your account.

Setting test appointments is not required to use Schedulista. This is a helpful process designed to get you familiar with setting appointments in the system. 

Appointments with email addresses set directly on the calendar or through the online scheduler count towards the number. Real appointments set by clients online will also count towards the total.

Once the total of 10 appointments with email addresses has been hit, the yellow circle indicator will no longer appear on your dashboard.

Note: This panel on your Home page will also no longer appear the next time you visit Home after you've completed the process.

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