Note: Your Schedulista account can only be connected to the app in Weebly on one site. Learn more about adding your scheduler to multiple Weebly sites here.

Adding the Schedulista app to your Weebly site

(1) Sign into your Weebly account and edit your site

(2) On the navigation bar on top, choose Apps

(3) Type "Schedulista" in the Search field

(4) Click on the Schedulista result

(5) On the app information page, click the "Add" button

(6) In the pop-up dialog box, click "Connect"

(7) Click "Connect" again when prompted

(8a) Sign into your existing Schedulista account; or (8b) Click "Sign Up" to create a new account

Note: Check the "Remember me" box when signing in to remain logged into your account

Managing your Schedulista account

To maintain or make changes to your Schedulista account, you can access your account dashboard in two ways:

(1) Go to and click "Sign In" at the top right of the page; or

(2) Click the embedded scheduler in your Weebly site editor for the Scheduler menu, and click "Manage"

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