To allow your clients to schedule from your personal or business Instagram page, you can add a link to your scheduler in the Website field on your Instagram profile.

Adding the scheduling link to Instagram

(1) Go to your Instagram page online or through the Instagram mobile app

(2a) Online: Click the Profile icon in the upper right; or

(2b) Mobile app: Tap the Profile icon in the bottom right

(3a) Online: On your profile page, click the Edit Profile button; or

(3b) Mobile app: Tap the Edit your profile (personal) or Edit profile button (business)

personal Instagram profile (left); business Instagram profile (right)

(4) On your Edit Profile page, in the Website field you can enter the URL of your scheduling page or the URL of the page on your own website that you've embedded your scheduler.


Mobile app - personal Instagram page

Mobile app - business Instagram page

(5a) Online: Click Submit to save your profile; or

(5b) Mobile app: Tap the checkmark in the upper right to save your profile

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