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Schedulista offers integration with social media to make it easier for your clients to find and book with you online. The Instagram mobile app offers "action buttons" you can add to an Instagram business profile to allow your clients to take actions right from your profile page.

Adding a Book action button allows clients to schedule appointments from your Instagram business profile using the Instagram app on their mobile phones.

Is a Book button the right option for me?

The Book button is only available for use within the Instagram mobile app. The button will not appear on your business profile on the web (e.g. if a client is using a computer, tablet, or web browser to view your Instagram profile).

For this reason, you might want to include a booking link in your profile in addition to the Book button (or maybe instead of the Book button). 

Adding a Book button

(1) Start the Instagram app on your phone

(2) Make sure you are on your Instagram business profile 

If you need to switch profiles, tap on the profile icon in the lower right. On the profile page, tap on your username to switch accounts.

If you need to convert your profile to a business profile, you can read more here.

(3) Tap on your profile icon

(4) Tap the Edit Profile button

(5) Scroll down and tap Contact Options

(6) On the Contact Options page, tap Add an action button

(7) Select Schedulista from the menu

(8) Tap Next in the top right corner

(9) Add the URL ("link") for your scheduling page, including https://

You can find the URL for your scheduler on the Let clients know page in your Schedulista settings.

For Wix users: You can find the URL for your scheduler on the Facebook page in Schedulista settings.

(10) Tap Done in the top right corner

What clients see

Clients will now be able to tap Book on your profile to access your scheduler to book their appointments.

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