The Schedulista WordPress plugin makes it easy to add a "Schedule Now" button or scheduler widget to your site.

Note: The Schedulista plugin is not available for sites. For those sites, you'll want to embed the scheduler directly. Learn more on the differences between and sites here.


(1) Log-in to the administrator console for your site

(2) Go to Plugins in the menu and select Add New

(3) Search for "Schedulista" and click Search Plugins

(4) In your search results, you'll see the Schedulista - Online Scheduling Plugin

(5) Click Install Now to install the Schedulista WordPress Plugin.

(6) After the plugin is installed, click Activate Plugin

(7) Copy the WordPress shortcode from the Add to your website settings page in Schedulista. Note, you can copy either embed as button or embed as widget.

(8) Paste the WordPress shortcode into the page where you want the Schedule now button (or widget) to appear.

That's it, you're done! 

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