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Pin a post to your scheduler on Facebook
Pin a post to your scheduler on Facebook

Quickly call attention to your scheduler with a pinned post on your timeline

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Pin a post to the top of the timeline on your Facebook business page to feature a link to your public scheduling page and encourage clients to schedule appointments.

How to pin your Facebook post

Note: If you have already added a link to your scheduler as a post on your business page timeline, skip to step (4).

Get the URL of your online scheduler

(1) Go to the Settings tab in Schedulista

(2) Click on Let clients know

(3) Scroll down to the Add a link to your scheduler in email section

(4) Copy the URL to your clipboard

Posting to your Facebook timeline

(1) Sign into Facebook and go to your business page

(2) Write a post on your timeline

(3) Paste your scheduler URL into the post and click Publish

(4) Click the down arrow (v) in the upper right corner of your post

(5) Select Pin to Top from the menu

When you're done

The pinned post will remain at the top of your timeline for 7 days. After that, it will return to your timeline on the date it was published. You can re-pin the post to keep it at the top.

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