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Mobile app: How to merge client records when a merge icon doesn't appear
Mobile app: How to merge client records when a merge icon doesn't appear

Managing duplicate client records in the mobile app

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Client records are created and maintained by their email address when clients book online. On occasion, a client might have a typo or use a different email address, creating a duplicate client record or multiple duplicate records. 

Handy merge icons appear on the Clients tab in the Schedulista mobile app to make it easy to merge these records. But what happens when a merge icon doesn't appear.

Note about merged information

The client record most recently used or updated will be the top record on your client list when there are duplicate records.

When the records are merged, the contact information from the top record will be used for the combined record. You'll want to make sure that it is correct after the merge. If not, edit the combined record to update the contact information.

How to merge records when a merge icon doesn't appear

A client's first and last name must match exactly on duplicate records for the three-circle merge icon to appear. On occasion, you may notice duplicate records that appear to have the same name but do not have a merge icon.

Edit both client records to make sure the first and last name on both records matches exactly. On occasion, an extra space may appear at the end of the first name or last name (or both) that will cause the two records not to match.

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