The Google Calendar sync allows for one Schedulista calendar to be synced to one Google Calendar. 

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  • Schedulista account administrators
  • Viewing multiple calendars on Google Calendar

Multiple Schedulista calendars

Multiple Schedulista calendars cannot be synced to a single Google Calendar. 

For accounts with multiple users, each user can sync their Schedulista calendar to their own Google Calendar. Each user must be signed into their own account to set up the Google Calendar sync. 

Schedulista account administrators

If you are an administrator on a Schedulista multi-user account, you'll find that the Sync Calendar option will not be available for you to set up the sync other users' calendars. You will only see this option available on your own calendar.

You would need to sign out of your account and sign in directly to another user's account using their login information to set up the sync for them.

Viewing multiple calendars on Google Calendar

To view other users' Google Calendars on your Google Calendar, they can share their calendar with you. You can read more on sharing calendars from Google here.

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