Schedulista can sync with your Google Calendar. Unlike subscribing to an iCalendar (iCal) feed, this is a two-way synchronization. Appointments from both calendars will appear on both calendars.

Note about Google Calendar appointment status

Appointments on Google Calendar can be set to "Available" or "Busy" status. If you want a Google appointment to block out time in Schedulista, you will want to set it as "Busy."

Learn more on setting Google Calendar appointment status to block out time in Schedulista here.

Note: Make sure to complete Step 4 or your sync will not be active.

Step 1

(1) Go to your Calendar page

(2) Click the gear icon in the upper right

(3) Select "Sync Calendar…" from the menu

Note: You can only select "Sync Calendar" if you are viewing your own calendar. If you are an administrator or scheduler and are viewing another provider's calendar, this option will be grayed out and not be available.  

Step 2

In the Sync Calendar dialog, click the " Enable Google Calendar Sync" link

Step 3

You will be redirected to a Google authorization page. Click the Accept button to give Schedulista access to your Google Calendar.

Note: You might be prompted to sign into your Google account if you are not already signed in.

You are not done yet.

You will be redirected back to your Schedulista calendar page.

Step 4

Now, you must activate the sync. 

(1) On your calendar, click on the gear icon in the upper right again

(2) Select "Sync Calendar…" from the menu once more

(3) In the Sync Calendar dialog, click "Activate" under the Google Calendar Sync section

Note: if you have multiple Google calendars, you can select from the drop-down menu which one you want to sync with.

Now, you are set. The initial sync can take up to 30 minutes.

Forcing Schedulista to sync immediately

Once your calendar has performed the initial sync, it will continue to synchronize appointments every 15 minutes. If you would like to force Schedulista to synchronize appointments immediately, click on the gear icon again, and choose "Sync Google Now" from the menu.

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