You can change the hours you work on a daily basis directly on your calendar with flex time. This is useful for:

  • changing your work hours for a single day without affecting your regular work schedule
  • opening availability for a day that was previously closed
  • taking a day off

Learn more about managing your availability here

How to change single day work hours (Flex time)

(1) Go to Calendar

(2) Click the small clock icon next to the specific day

 Note: You will need to be in the Week or the Day view to see the clock icon.

In Week view, the clock icon will be next to the date.

 In Day view, the clock icon will be next to the provider's name.

(3a) In the date dialog, select Take the day off; or

(3b) Select Override work hours and...

...adjust your start and/or end time for that day

(4) Click Save

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