Note: As of October 7, 2019, this feature is being discontinued and replaced with push notifications through the Schedulista mobile app. Same information sent but faster and tapping the notification will view the appointment in the mobile app.

Clients can opt to receive text (SMS) reminders for their appointments. As a service provider, you can also opt to receive text notifications whenever clients schedule, reschedule, or cancel an appointment online.

The text notifications are in addition to the email notifications you will always receive.

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  • How to receive provider text notifications
  • Notification for same day appointments only

How to receive provider text notifications 

(1) Go to Settings > Users

(2) Click Edit next to your user account

(3) Enter your mobile number in the Phone field

(4) Scroll down to the Receive Text (SMS) Updates section and click the button to change it to Yes

(5) Choose the time range that you would like to receive texts

Note: You will be sent all texts, but this is to prevent you from receiving a text at 1am if a client was up and scheduled an appointment. You would receive it the next morning or day at the earliest time you set to receive texts.

(6) Click Save at the bottom of the page

Notification for same day appointments only

To be notified by text only if a client schedules an appointment for the same day (or schedules for the same day and then cancels the same day), you can check the box next to Only if same day appointment. You will not be sent text notifications at any other time.

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