Adding a "Book Now" button allows clients to schedule appointments from your Facebook business page.

Adding the button

(1) Sign into Facebook. On your Facebook business page, click the Add a Button button.

(2) A dialog box will appear asking "What would you like people to do from your Page?" From the Book our Services menu, choose Book Now

(3) In another browser window or tab, go to Settings in Schedulista to copy your scheduler link:

  • In Settings, click on Facebook
  • Scroll down to the Share a link to your scheduler on Facebook section
  • Copy the link URL

(4) Back on Facebook, paste your schedule link in the available field

(4) Click the "Add Button" button at the bottom of the dialog box

When you're done

The "Book Now" button will replace the "Add a Button" button at the top of the page, like in the example below.

Removing the button

You can disable the option for clients to schedule an appointment from your Facebook business page with these simple steps.

(1) Log into Facebook, and on your business page, hover over the Book Now button for menu options

(2) Click Delete Button

(3) In the dialog box, click the "Delete Button" button

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