You can request additional information from clients by adding a "Scheduling comment / question" to the scheduling details form.


  • Client's address
  • Date of birth
  • Identification number or code
  • Brief history of reason for the appointment
  • Names and/or number of people in a client's party

With a comment, you can also provide additional information to clients regarding their appointment, scheduling, or your business in general.  This can include links to terms, forms, documents, and more.

How to add a scheduling comment or question

You can add a scheduling comment or question in two places.

For a global comment / question that applies to all services

(1) Go to Settings > Business Details

(2) Scroll to the bottom of the page

(3) Click the button next to "Scheduling Comments / Questions" to change it to Yes

(4) Enter your comment or question in the new field

(5) Click Save at the bottom of the page

For a specific comment / question per service

Note: A comment or question set on a specific service will override a global comment or question. Make sure to include any necessary information in addition to your service-specific comment or question.

(1) Go to Settings > Services / Classes / Events 

(2a) Click Edit next to an existing service; or

(2b) Click Add Service to create a new service

(3) Scroll down to the Service Overrides section

(4) Check the box next to "Scheduling Comments / Questions"

(5) Enter your comment or question in the new field

(6) Click Save at the bottom of the page

How to ask multiple questions

You can ask clients multiple questions in one field. They will respond to all questions in the same field on the details form.

How to make the question required to schedule

By checking the "Required?" box, the client will be forced to enter information into the text box in order to create the appointment. If no information is entered for a required scheduling question, then the client will receive an error message after clicking the "Schedule Appointment" button.

Note: It's best to check this box only if absolutely necessary, as some clients could overlook the error message and assume they have created an appointment.

What clients see

The question will appear on the scheduling page where clients enter their personal information. A text box will appear below the question where a client can enter their response.

What you will see

The response will appear in the Appointment Notes section of the appointment. It will also appear in the appointment notification email you receive.

Using a comment to provide information

You can also use a comment / question to present additional scheduling or appointment information to clients, such as check-in or parking instructions, links to waivers or terms & conditions of service, or additional cancellation policy details. Using an character such as an asterisk "*" can make your comment stand out more.

How it appears on the scheduling details page.

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