With your cancellation policy, you can set the latest a client can cancel an appointment prior to their scheduled appointment time.

Note: Your cancellation policy also affects when appointment reminder emails are sent to your clients. You can view when they will be sent on your Communications settings page.

Setting cancellation policy

(1) Go to Settings > Scheduling Policies

At the top of the page is the Cancellation Policy.

(2) Below the question "How far in advance are customers allowed to cancel online?," select the length of time that you will allow clients to cancel their appointment.

Note: You can select as short as 1 hour prior to an appointment or as long as 2 weeks. You also have the options to allow clients to cancel at any time or to not allow them to cancel online.

(3) Click Save at the bottom of the page

How clients cancel appointments

A link to cancel an appointment will appear under the Cancellation Policy heading on the appointment summary page. This link will also appear on the appointment confirmation and reminder emails that clients receive.

Clients who receive text (SMS) reminders can click the Details link to go to the appointment summary page to cancel.

Note: If an appointment is scheduled within less time than the cancellation policy (e.g., Appointment booked 10 hours prior with a 24-hour cancellation policy), the cancel link will not be available. Clients will see following message: "(Appointment can no longer be canceled)"

Clients can include a message explaining why they are canceling when they confirm. This message will appear in the cancellation notification email you will receive.

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